Mar 242014

NoHo CARE User Group Meeting & Training Series

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Are you or your staff new to NoHo CARE?  Do you have new staff that could benefit from learning how to use the database to its fullest potential?  Do you have staff that could benefit from more training on the CARE software? Would you like to meet some NoHo CARE users in your area?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, join us at our upcoming user group meeting and training to learn more about using your CARE database to its fullest potential.  This is a great opportunity to find out more about NoHo CARE, be sure that you are not missing out on some of the great features that the software offers, and get training from NoHo Software staff at a discount.  Each training session is only $195 per person, which is a savings of $900 off our usual half day onsite training fees.

We will be having a free user group meeting in the morning, followed by a half day training session in the afternoon.  

Click here to register on-line for the User Group Meeting and Trainings



NoHo CARE User Group Meeting

Free to attendees

 Join us to discuss the features and use of CARE with users from other agencies.  We will review enhancements included in the latest releases, discuss best practices, have an open discussion, and answer questions from users.  User group meetings give users the chance to meet with DGI staff and network with other NoHo CARE users.  As always, there is no fee for attendance at user group meetings.


Family Fee and Attendance Entry Training

 Join us to learn more about the Family Fee and Attendance Entry functionality in NoHo CARE.  For the Family Fee portion of the training, we will discuss how to calculate family fees, print statements, process payments, and run Family Fee related reports.   The training will cover topics such as:

  • Calculating Family Fees for certified CDE families in center based programs (such as CSPP and CCTR) and provider payment programs (CalWORKs, APP, etc).
  • Calculating Family Fees for non-certified, private pay families
  • Printing Family Fee Statements
  • Processing payments from families
  • Processing adjustments manually and using the recently added Family Fee Adjustment Utility
  • Reviewing Family Fee  related reports, such as: AR Aging Report, AR Transaction Report, and Family Fee History Report
  • Processing Family Fees when the provider collects the payments (for CalWORKs, AP, and other provider payment programs)
  • Exporting Family Fee transaction information from CARE for use in another application


For the Attendance Entry portion of the training, we will discuss how to enter child attendance and run attendance related reports that will give you useful information on the daily operations of your programs.  This training session will cover topics such as:

  • Entering attendance for center based programs
  • Editing historical attendance information, when necessary
  • Reviewing attendance related reports, such as: CDFS 9500 Report, CDFS 8501 Report, Attendance Summary Report, Attendance & Enrollment Report, and the Attendance Summary Report



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